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Why Walk-In Showers Are Perfect For Bathrooms Of All Sizes

Walk-In Showers For Bathrooms Of All Sizes 

Walk-in showers are a staple of luxury bathroom design and with good reason. They provide a high-end feel that will add value to your home, while also maximising your bathing space. It’s easy to see why walk-in showers are highly sought after as they can give an old bathroom a luxurious and modern feel, with the added appeal of a beautiful and practical walk-in design. 

There is also an increase in interest in larger shower spaces that provide roomy and comfortable bathing areas. However, the main advantage of a walk-in shower is that it can be installed in any size or shape room, making them the perfect choice to maximise your space while also adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom. 

Walk-In shower enclosures can be constructed from glass doors or frosted glass panels, which allow you to create a modern bathroom design by framing the shower area with large windows and open spaces.

With more space in your luxury walk-in shower, an additional shelf or two can be added along one wall where you could store towels, shampoos, and other toiletries. This creates an uncluttered and streamlined bathing area that is more practical than traditional shower designs. Traditional showers can often feel cramped and uncomfortable and take up considerably more space due to the much chunkier design.

Walk-in showers are also perfect if you want a shower that doesn’t require any bending or crouching. That’s why they’re an excellent choice for people who find it difficult to step over traditional bathtubs. Walk-in showers are also a great solution if you live in an area with hard water as they don’t require any extra cleaning from built-up limescale. 

So if you’re looking for an all-inclusive luxury bathroom design that provides both style and practicality, then walk-in showers are a perfect choice.

A Helping Hand From A Professional Bathroom Designer & Fitter

A professional bathroom designer and fitter can take care of everything for you, from advising on the best way to use your space to ordering and installing the perfect walk-in shower enclosure for your home. 

At Barras Home Improvements, our team of dedicated professionals carries out all the work for you, which means you can focus your time on yourself. We’ll help you install a brand new luxury walk-in shower in no time and without any stress as the whole process will be carried out in a smooth and orderly fashion.

Find out more about walk-in showers for your bathroom today, whatever the size or style you want, our team can help. If you’re considering remodelling an area in your bathroom that needs some attention, then contact Barras Home Improvements today. Our professional team can help you with the decision-making process and install your dream walk-in shower.

Contact us today on 0247665 1900 or head over to our contact page for more details on how we can help you.

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