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What is a bespoke Kitchen

Here at Barras Home Improvements, we provide our customers with beautiful bespoke kitchens, if you are here reading this then chances are you know exactly what a bespoke kitchen is but for those who are not sure then we will aim to clear this up so you know what everyone is talking about.

“Bespoke” is a word that has been commonly used in many different sectors lately. So, most of us have surely come across it more often than not. One specific area where the word has been used is the kitchen customization sector. We hear people talk about “bespoke kitchens” and people wonder what it really means. Therefore, to expound on this term, we will take a look into this in a bit more detail.

A bespoke kitchen is one that is designed with the customer in mind. Therefore, if you already have a kitchen that is tailor-made for you, we say you have a bespoke kitchen. This kind of kitchen is built to certain specifics, whether it is the cabinets or worktops, the built-in appliances or the lighting, every aspect is specific to the customer to ensure they get exactly what they need.

Top tips on how to create your bespoke kitchen

1. Start with your cabinets & worktops
By far, cabinets & worktops take up the most space in the majority of most kitchens. Due to this, it is something that you should really put a lot of thought into. It’s therefore absolutely necessary that you take your time when deciding the aspects of your cabinets & worktops that you would like in your kitchen.  Choose a style that will always stay attractive and strong, choosing a beautiful worktop can completely change the look of your kitchen.

2. Make sure you think about tiles
Tiles that are tailored just for your kitchen can add a lot of beauty to your kitchen. Whether you are thinking of having tiles on the floor or on the walls as decoration, your preferred styles of tiles will definitely add to the appearance and usability of your kitchen. If you get yourself mixed up with all the available designs, you can always contact us at Barras and we will happily help you decide what would suit your style the best.

3. Go for light fixtures that would spark interests
There are a huge number of lighting options to pick from to suit a bespoke kitchen. It all goes back to your own personal preference of lights, you may want lights under your cabinets or small lights near the floor that give your kitchen a nice glow in the evenings, there are so many options. Again, making the right choice can be an overwhelming endeavour here. That’s why we are here to help you make that choice.

4. Think about what appliances you want
This may sound like a silly point, we all need a sink, oven & hob right? Well it’s not quite that simple, again like previously mentioned there are so many options, you could have 2 ovens, gas or electric hobs, a hideaway sink so you have more worktop space when it is not in use. All of these appliances can be built into your kitchen too so they look fantastic and give your kitchen that little something extra.

5. Add options to your catering equipment
With bespoke kitchens, each and every person has they own favourite dish. If you love a specific kind of cooking, introduce the necessary equipment for the job.

What’s the benefit of a bespoke kitchen?

Now that you know how you can create your own bespoke kitchen, it’s important to know how it’s beneficial. While the traditional kitchen doesn’t take the owner into consideration, this kind of kitchen definitely does. Without a doubt, it’s more enjoyable to cook work in a kitchen that meets all your needs and these days kitchens are a focal point of the house, you want to make sure you can entertain in your kitchen and feel proud of how it looks when you have guests.

Choosing the right kitchen design company

This is where we come in, at Barras Home Improvements, we will make sure you get exactly what you want in your kitchen. We have demo models of our products and appliances so you can see exactly what you are getting and we will happily help you design and plan your new bespoke kitchen to ensure you do not waste your time or money.

If you’re planning to customize your kitchen or need it to suit you better, it’s a great idea to think about getting a bespoke kitchen. It will mean that you have that beautiful space to entertain & prepare meals in, not only that but if you should ever decide to move out a bespoke kitchen will surely increase the price of your home.

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