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What are kitchen islands

The kitchen island is a feature found in many luxury kitchens, at the simplest, kitchen islands are an extra counter with storage space placed in the middle of the kitchen. They are a functional but necessary addition to many different kitchens as they are used as a place to store food, prepare food, cook, store cleaning products and other things. The kitchen island is quickly becoming one of the must-have features for many homeowners. As they take up space within the room, the kitchen island is more suited towards larger, more open spaced kitchens. Kitchen islands can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and can implement a range of different kitchen tools (kitchen tools such as hobs, cabinets and sinks) within them to offer the individual a multitude of different quality of life benefits. Today it is extremely rare to see a luxury kitchen that does not utilise an island.

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Our Latest Projects

At Barras Home Improvements we proudly have many projects on the go with some projects being recently finished. As always, our work is second to none and we are excited to share with you our outstanding work.

We pride ourselves that our kitchen designs and kitchen island designs are at the forefront of modern design. We are always looking into how we can add new features, implement new technologies, try new lighting techniques and experiment with different ideas and use new innovative materials to craft the perfect luxury kitchen. We have worked tirelessly in order to exceed our customers’ expectations because we won’t settle for anything less than utter perfection, and neither should you. Our kitchen island designs feature important kitchen tools and essentials whilst keeping a modern and elegant aesthetic.

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Transforming kitchens

Here at Barras Home Improvements, our job is to transform any room into how you envision the room to look. Functionality and style are what we strive to achieve, we won’t settle until we achieve that, and you shouldn’t either.

With our 30 years of experience in designing and transforming kitchens in homes all across the UK, we understand what it takes to convert what once was there into the kitchen of your dreams. Every aspect of your kitchen will not go unnoticed, every feature and every detail will be thought out and planned.

We work with our customers so that we perfectly understand what they want us to design, fabricate and install their own unique kitchen island. Our unique kitchen islands are not just for show, they come with hobs, cabinets and sinks built in. However, these kitchen islands are designed and built by us, so we have gone out of our way in making sure that all these features are built with elegance and ease of use in mind.

Modern kitchenModern kitchenHeffernan KitchenHeffernan Kitchen

If you are looking for the modern, unique and breath-taking kitchen that you and your house deserves, look no further than Barras Home Improvements. Don’t hesitate to contact us via our website or call us on 024 7665 1900 to discuss how we can design your perfect kitchen.

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