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The Pros & Cons Of A Handleless Kitchen

In this blog, we’re going to look into the pros and cons of a handleless kitchen. You may have noticed that many modern kitchen styles are handleless, especially in an open-plan house as it allows for a more fluid movement throughout the home. On the other side of the thought process, handleless kitchens are somewhat less practical! Hopefully, we can help you decide what type of kitchen will most suit your needs.

You could say that handleless features, such as kitchen cupboards, are safer. Have you ever bashed your sides on a low kitchen cabinet knob or hit your head on a kitchen drawer that is above you, forgetting it’s open? Well, a handleless kitchen helps remove those incidents. It also reduces the chance of catching clothing. All things that may be an extra pro if you happen to have children. Oh, and by not having handles you give your household one less thing to knock off and need repairing.

Should I Opt For A Handleless Kitchen?


Then you have the actual look of a handleless kitchen to consider. Now handleless fitted kitchens can look amazing. By losing the handle, they help to create a fresh, clean, and minimalistic look. It certainly makes for an ultra-sleek and contemporary design. A popular choice that will make a kitchen space stand out are luxury kitchens made with a beautiful high gloss finish, a look that will suit a handleless style perfectly.

The handleless design also lends itself well to the majority of modern kitchen equipment the average household is likely to feature. This includes the likes of toasters, coffee machines, juice makers, etc. To look at it the other way around, if you were buying the kitchen equipment after purchasing a fitted kitchen, it won’t be difficult to find equipment to match.

Minimalistic Kitchen


Of course, there does have to be some cons, like with all kitchen styles. For a start, there is the price point. Depending on your budget, the average cost of a handleless modern kitchen design may be too high. This is partly due to the extra craftsmanship that goes into making handleless doors for cupboards. Remember there will also be the cost of a specialist who will need to install the handleless features into your kitchen space.

Another con is that you will need to spend a bit more time, and possibly money, maintaining a handleless kitchen over its handle-containing counterpart. You see if you take one of the doors of a handleless cupboard as an example, you will find that over just a short amount of time the channel at the top, where you slide your fingers to open, contains a lot of dust and even trapped crumbs. Another point to consider is if you have decided on one of the more luxurious kitchens and have selected high gloss finishes where you have no handle to pull, your fingers will be directly touching the surface much more. This can result in a lot of fingerprints, so you may find you end up spending more time cleaning than you would with a regular kitchen.


If you do like the idea of a handleless kitchen, and there are some great benefits as outlined in this blog, then go for it, you can get yourself a great design! Just keep in mind the practical implications as well as the stylistic ones and work out what would suit your household the best. You will be spoilt for choices if you do begin shopping for designs, as nowadays there are heaps to choose from, so don’t rush and spend as much time as you need to create your dream kitchen!

So, if you are looking to implement more bespoke features into the design of your kitchen, Barras Home Improvements has you covered. Call today on 02476 651900, or visit our contact page for more details.

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