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Signs That You Need a New Bespoke Kitchen

Kitchens come in all sorts of different styles, colours and designs. There are so many different options to choose from it can be difficult to know what to get. You might be asking yourself where do I start? As you are lost in the world of bespoke kitchens from choosing taps to worktops. The first decision you have to make is if you want a bespoke or made to measure kitchen and to understand the difference between them.

What are Bespoke Kitchens

Bespoke means to have something that is made especially for you. In other words, this means that it will fit all the needs you want to fulfill. Bespoke kitchens can be summed up as kitchens that cater to someone’s needs from what they have specified to the designer.


Sings that you might need to update your kitchen

Limited storage

If you are having to store food on the worktops because you have limited space in the cupboards and draws is a sign that you need more space in your kitchen. There are lots of clever space-saving ideas that can be incorporated into kitchens. These could be containers on rollers for a corner cupboard so you can use the whole space for example.

Has that handle fallen off again?

Loose cabinets or loose hardware isn’t a good sign. It could be possible that your cabinets need to be changed or get all of the handles changed on the cabinets if possible.

Everything is always in the way!

One of the main reasons a kitchen remodel is essential if you have no space to move around. An inefficient kitchen layout is a major issue when it comes to time on various tasks around the kitchen. It is not really the size of the kitchen in most cases it is just the layout of the kitchen that needs to be changed. However, some people do prefer to make the kitchen bigger also this could be simply by having a more open plan kitchen and knocking a few walls down or alternatively adding a conservatory. No matter the layout and size work can always be done to improve the current situation.

Damage and wear

Of course, your kitchen isn’t going to be kept in perfectly pristine condition, unless you’re not using it! Any damage apart from the normal wear and tear will need addressing. Cracked or chipped countertops and floors are prime sports for dangerous bacteria to hide from cleaning products.

Not enough counter space

Do you find yourself looking around for counter space every time you cook? Are your cupboards so crammed that you have to store kitchen items in other parts of the home? If any of these are relatable to you then we think its time that you should invest in a new bespoke fitted kitchens in Rugby.

Here at Barras Home Improvements, we fit luxury bespoke kitchens of your choice, we hope that our blog has given you an insight to some of the reasons that you may be needing a new kitchen. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 024 76651900 or head over to our website.

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