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Professional Kitchen Fitters VS DIY

Are you undertaking home renovations? Have you chosen an amazing new luxury kitchen design and are excited to get it all installed? That’s great news; however, having a kitchen refit can be a difficult and inconvenient process. You may be unsure where to start and wondering what your best options are. 

Is getting professional kitchen fitters worth it or should you go down the DIY route? This guide highlights the key reasons why professional kitchen fitters will always be the best choice.

Professional Installation Means Professional Results

Professional kitchen fitters are highly trained professionals that understand exactly how to fit kitchens to the very best standards. From precise fittings to perfect finishes, their expertise can make a huge difference to the end result. Professional kitchen fitters take very detailed measurements using specific tools to fit your countertops and cabinets perfectly.

This ensures your space is optimised as every element is considered as part of the precise, custom fit. Kitchen designers and installers undertake a work of sheer precision. Therefore, DIYing can be difficult without the appropriate tools and the right eye for detail. Going down the DIY route can lead to unsightly gaps, uneven edges, and rough corners – which can all impact the look of your kitchen.

A Long-Term Investment

Although getting professional kitchen fitters may seem more expensive in the first instance, it could save you a considerable amount of money further down the line. DIY jobs performed incorrectly can have serious consequences.

A badly fitted kitchen can lead to issues such as plumbing leaks, faulty electric circuits, and damage to worktops and cupboards. As well as future problems, you could also damage components of your new luxury kitchen design during the installation process, meaning you will have to pay more to replace the damaged items.

Save Time & Effort

Another element to consider is time. Installing a brand-new kitchen can be time-consuming, particularly if you are looking to do it yourself. From trial and error to lengthy adjustments, DIYing can add a considerable amount of time to the whole process. Kitchen designers and professional kitchen fitters can go through the refit process quickly and seamlessly.

Their experience means you will have your new luxury kitchen fitted in no time and with minimal disturbance. Kitchens are important parts of day-to-day life, therefore minimising the amount of time without a usable kitchen space can be a big benefit to your daily life. Additionally, taking the time to learn and apply the concepts of fitting a new kitchen is hard work and can make your refit stressful rather than exciting.

The Takeaway

Upgrading your home is an exciting process that should be seamless, stress-free, and deliver great results both immediately and in the long term. Professional kitchen fitters can significantly improve the whole refit process and outcome. At Barras, we can design and install your new luxury kitchen, so it matches your style preferences and home. Call us today on 0247665 1900 to get the most beautiful, perfect, and precise results.

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