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Popular Kitchen Sink Taps

There are a wide range of kitchen sink taps available in today’s market. These taps can vary in shapes, sizes, colours, materials and prices that can be selected according to the requirements and needs of a particular house. Here are some of the most popular types of kitchen sink taps to consider when looking to purchase one for yourself.

Pillar Taps

This is a more affordable option out of the following and is also a good reliable choice. Pillar taps typically come in pairs, one controlling the hot water, and another for the cold water. In regards to the lever for the water, you usually have three main options; cross, lever or knob shaped handles, which can be selected depending on your kitchens style and personal preference. 

Movable Head Kitchen Tap

Monobloc Tap

Monobloc taps are another popular choice for kitchen sink taps. They typically feature one spout followed by one or two handles to control the temperature and flow of the water. When purchasing one with a single handle, the handle will control both the flow and temperature of the water with no complications. There are many advantages to purchasing this kind of tap, such as: it’s simple usability, modern look, and the vast amount of styles on offer.


Pull Out Tap

Pull out kitchen taps are a highly functional and contemporary option to go for when purchasing a kitchen sink tap. These taps are becoming increasingly popular these days due to the advantages it has to offer. For example, foods and produce can be cleaned more efficiently as you can simply bring the tap closer, it can reach beyond the sink to help with other needs like filling up a bucket, and makes overall washing easier as the water can be better directed at the cookware etc. 

Pull out kitchen tap

Boiling Water Tap

In addition to the supply of cold and hot water, boiling water taps (also known as steaming hot taps) provide boiling hot water on demand from the simple turn of a lever. This option is perfect for those who may be slightly busier or are just looking for a more functional tap. This tap can be used to make hot beverages instantaneously, fill various cookware and more. When looking to purchase this tap, try and look for one that comes with a filter for both hot and cold water. 

Although these are some of the main types of kitchen sink taps, there are many other types of taps that stem from these to an extent. For example, you can buy a kitchen tap with a separate pull out spray, instead of the pullout main head as mentioned above, for when you need to extend past the sink or wash certain items etc. 


Overall, all of these taps are valid choices, but it all depends on your personal preference and current situation. For example, if your kitchen is fairly small, you may consider a simple monobloc tap or even boiling water tap to remove any need for a kettle. Whereas, if you had a larger kitchen you may consider a tap with an added pull out spray. Get your kitchen appliances in rugby from us at Barras.


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