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How to organise and keep your Home Office clean

Since we are the only ones who use our home offices most of the time, we usually don’t care much about how organized and clean it is. In fact, when we’ve just started using it, it’s presentable and tidy. With time, however, it becomes disorganized with cluttering everywhere. But this should not be the case as the home office is like the nerve-centre of the home. By taking simple steps in trying to clean and organize this room, we can make it more presentable and have it get us more productive and professional. The following ideas can be very helping in having your office organized and clean.

Get rid of things that you don’t need

If you watch keenly, you’ll realize that there are a lot of things that are either lying on your desk or on the floor that you don’t use. Things such as papers, old magazines, damaged pens, or used snack pudding containers can make the office really look disorganized. Ensure that these, alongside others are either in the recycle bin or the trash. You’ll realize how much change your office will have when you finally get rid of things that you don’t need in there.

Colour-code your filling system

A well-organized and planned filing system is one important feature of any office. It’s also true poor filling can be a nightmare to many offices. To organize the filing systems properly, you can use something like their colours to arrange them. All the files that are coloured similarly should go to one cabinet as you ensure that the contents are about a single category of records. Alternatively, keep the files according to the categories of what your office deals with. For instance, make all the financial files green, Medical red, personal orange, insurance yellow, and house blue. If there are any files that are hanging, label them accordingly.

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Categorize your office items

You may also find categorization of your office items quite helpful. This improves the functionality of your office. For example, use Stickie notes, Tools, Budget, Writing tools, Mail, and labelling among others. This will make it easy to locate any item that you may be in need of using.

Clear the Message or Bulletin Board

These boards are extremely helpful to us. However, we often misuse them by letting things that we don’t need stay there for longer than necessary. More often than not, what we have on the boards are not currently important to us. The result is that they make the office look terribly disorganized and untidy. So, it’ll be a good idea to get rid of those that are not currently used, and most aren’t.

Clear your desk for a whole week

Sometimes, telling what is important to have on the desk from the one that is not can be daunting. It would be a good practice to remove everything from the desk, except the computer and your phone and place them inside a box. Place the box somewhere appropriate and accessible. When you need something that’s in the box, reach out for it and place it on the desk decently. Do this for one whole week and you’ll know things that you often use. The ones that you didn’t require to use during the week should be left in the box and the box is placed in a strategic place.


It’s difficult to keep the home office environment always clean all the time without purposefully committing to having it stay clean. These five are the top ideas that will help you organize your home office and have it clean most of the days.

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