Are you undertaking home renovations? Have you chosen an amazing new luxury kitchen design and are excited to get it all installed? That’s great news; however, having a kitchen refit can be a difficult and inconvenient process. You may be unsure where to start and wondering what your best options are. 

Keeping your home looking new and on-trend is a great way to refresh your interior design. A fresh environment helps you to stay in a positive mindset and impresses your guests, so you will always be eager to entertain. 

As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home and as we hit the summer months, many of us will be spending a lot more time in our kitchen dining areas, hosting friends and family and making the most of the lighter evenings and loosening of COVID-19 restrictions. 

Often, the first place that any new guest will see when you invite them into your home is your kitchen. Despite having a sizable living room or formal dining room, let's face it, everyone hangs out in the kitchen. It's the most convenient for refreshments. 

Walk-in showers have increased in popularity over the past couple of years. Initially intended for people with disabilities and older generations who struggle with mobility, the walk-in shower has now become a staple in the bathroom for many people. This is due to the many advantages that walk-in showers have above more traditional steps in baths. This blog will explore the benefits of a walk-in shower and why they are a worthy investment for your home.

Setting up a wet room in your house is a necessary luxury. These hotel-like bathrooms have gained popularity very quickly because they don’t require as much space. There’s no need for a showerhead and tray like in a typical bathroom.

Are you starting to work from home? Looking to set up a home office design that you can rely on from day to day? For minimal distraction and maximum efficiency, it’s always a really good idea to consider setting up your own office space. But where do you start when it comes to designing that perfect room or space?

Bathrooms in the modern age don’t necessarily all look the same. Yes, indeed, there are still many of us who prefer a traditional or classic look. However, contemporary and modern styles really will vary when it comes to colours, finishes, and even basic fittings. If you’re unsure how to modernise your bathroom design for the better, here are a few great ideas and tips you may wish to put into practice sooner rather than later.

When looking at interior design, the minimalistic look is still pretty much on-trend, and that extends to kitchen design. This style offers benefits that will help members of the household to get around and use the kitchen space efficiently. Plus, it can be a very nice look aesthetically. The minimalist design works because it’s like they say: less is more!