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Most Creative Sinks & Worktop Designs

Choosing of the right and most appropriate sink and worktop is probably the most important aspect of bathroom decoration. This is because of the fact that a huge chunk of the time we spend in the bathroom is spent right over the sink. Here, we want to delve into the discussion of some of the most creative designs for the sinks as well as those of worktops. These include creative sinks and worktops designed from actual rocks, wood and glass. What we look at here is so varied and everyone will hopefully be able to find their tastes in terms of the creativity in the designs.

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1. The Guitar Sink and Worktop

This creative design is made by Pearidge Concrete & Crafts. The story behind this design that seems unusual is awesome. The designers say that they had a client who wanted a sink and a worktop that they could use outdoors. So, it was to be custom made for them and for this specific purpose. This sink and worktop are designed exactly for outdoor as the sink sits on a rustic cabinet that is customized from wood that may have been obtained from old homes. It has a lot of space for the worktop and is 8 foot long.

2. The Wing Sink and Worktop

The designer of the wing sink is known as Ludovico Lombardi. The wall sink was realized as continuous dynamic geometrics that is frozen in the transition between the horizontal and vertical planes. The sinuosity and the solidity of the shape are as a result of a dynamic body simulation pulled by gravity.

3. The KUB Sink

The designer of KUB Sink is Victor Vasiliev. It’s a glass sink that’s considered minimalist and contains a marble stone known as Carrara to help in enhancing the appeal of the sink in terms of visualization. The stone is combined with unique junctions of shapes that are geometric in nature.

4. The Ammonite Washbasin

The Ammonite Washbasin sink and worktop is one of the most creative sinks and worktops. It’s designed by HighTech. The inspiration behind it is the archaic beauty that’s found in ammonites. It clearly displays the concrete qualities that are organic.

5. The Erosion Sink

This is another one of the most creative sinks and worktops ever built. The designer of this amazing sink solution is known as Gore Design Co. It’s a topographic sink that gives room for the customization of all its aspects. These include the colour, the erosion layout, the shape and the size.

6. Marrakesh Vitreous China Sink

This was designed by Kholer. It’s one of the kitchen and bathroom most creative sinks and worktops that combine the new and the old aspects. It’s named so because of its ancient Morocco capital inspiration that was in the magical city.

7. The Water Map

This wooden basin depicts the formation of a topographic map through which water flows in ducts that resemble the channels of a river. The designer is known as Julia Kononenko.

8. The Strappo Sink

This unique bathroom sink appears as though it’s been torn off the wall. It’s a washbasin with the ability to merge with the installation surface. It was designed by Antonio Lupi.

9. The Poor Little Fish

The creative sink design in Poor Little Fish has the aim of emotionally persuading consumers to give a thought about water conservation. It’s designed by Yanlu.

10. The Transparent Bottom Sink: Wildwood

The designer of this wooden sink and worktop is known as Lago. It’s an all-in-one sink and counter which is just but an illusion since the washbasin is made from a transparent glass.


These are the top 10 most creative sink and worktops that you can have installed in your bathroom. Apart from aesthetics, they increase the value of your home.

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