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Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathrooms in the modern age don’t necessarily all look the same. Yes, indeed, there are still many of us who prefer a traditional or classic look. However, contemporary and modern styles really will vary when it comes to colours, finishes, and even basic fittings. If you’re unsure how to modernise your bathroom design for the better, here are a few great ideas and tips you may wish to put into practice sooner rather than later.

Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Home

Go For Modern Technology

It’s easy to assume that technology – other than basic plumbing – doesn’t have a place in bathroom design, but that’s where you’d be mistaken. Not only is there intricate, reliable plumbing in modern bathroom spaces but there’s also technology beneath our feet. Yes – underfloor heating is a fantastic modern bathroom design idea that helps to take away the need for a clunky radiator or two, and what’s more, it helps you warm up quicker.

Why not consider heated towel rails, too? Tech is helping to make our bathroom spaces that little bit more comfortable and cosy.

Be Smart On Lighting

Traditionally, a bathroom design would normally have a central cathode dome or a strip light or two. However, to modernise your space, why not think about using spotlights?

Great modern bathroom designs incorporate clever lighting installations and angles to highlight specific features. Why not focus on where you’re shining light?

Upgrade Your Tiling

Tiles, unfortunately, have a habit of aging or going out of style pretty quickly. A bathroom harking back to the 80s or 90s is likely to have much different mosaic or tiling solutions to modern looks.

Therefore, consider upgrading your tiles – on the walls and/or on the floor. Try choosing a look or feel that’s contemporary yet neutral, and future-proof your bathroom design for years to come.

Install A Modern Shower

Having a showerhead over the bath is convenient and easy in many cases, but it’s not always the best look. Why not think about setting up a modern shower solution as a major upgrade?

Modern shower cubicles and systems are great at really upgrading bathroom spaces. These will help to not only add a new focal point to your bathroom space but will also make sure your bathroom is more convenient and user friendly!

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Add In Some Plants

Last, and by certainly no means least, think about making your bathroom that little bit more plant-friendly.

House plants are fantastic for helping to breathe new air into a bathroom space as well as elsewhere in the home, and some do thrive in heavily steamy environments. Why not go green in 2021?

This is only scratching the surface. There may not be one modern bathroom design idea that appeals to you overall – but make a point of researching some tips and start thinking about how you can transform and future-proof your bathroom space for the better. Modern is a term that lasts forever, but don’t follow crazes that will quickly become dated.

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