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Kitchen Design Hacks To Make More of Your Space

Here at Barras, we can’t think of anything better than to come out and give you a brand new kitchen! We all know that people love to entertain in their kitchens and there is nothing better than showing off your brand new kitchen to your friends and family. We also understand that some people are just looking for some useful ideas to help them along the way, that’s what we delve into here. We want to give you some actionable tips to keep you going, hopefully, though you will see the benefit of getting a brand new kitchen fitted as it may cost a little extra but it is less work for you and the results can be stunning!

Working some of these excellent design hacks into your new kitchen design will not only save you space but hopefully save you time too when looking for the right utensil. Alternatively, you might find these innovative little tricks help keep your kitchen a bit neater, as well as giving things a more efficient storage solution that you may have never even considered.

Check out these clever ideas to work into your kitchen remodel – some of which our customers have tried and really loved.

Hidden Sink Tray

wall hung utensils

Lots of kitchens, modern and old, have fake panels by the kitchen sink – and behind it lies a lot of wasted space. Utilise this when you have Barras fitting your kitchen by getting asking us to add in a tip-out tray for holding washing up cloths and brushes, and in the cupboard underneath you can have suspended hooks for hanging bottles such as washing up liquid and anti-bacterial spray.

Vertical Storage

There are so many of our kitchen everyday-use items that are awkwardly long and thin, some including oven pans and trays, chopping boards and even plates. All of these can sometimes be better stored vertically, so building in some vertical storage to keep things like this neat and easy-to-access will save you time and frustration later when you are looking for a particular item. This is something we offer when fitting a new kitchen, you will never want for more space when we have kitted you out with all the latest ideas.

Add Shelves, Don’t Stack

space saving cupboard

I once heard the analogy of stacking pots and pans in cupboards was like piling paper instead of filing it – you know it’s all in there somewhere but you’re going to have to root through every time to find what you want. You can either add pull-out shelving or wireframes for pans to sit on top to increase your space, but ideally add in as many shelves as you can reasonably, and you’ll find storage far easier.


Pegboards are gaining in popularity due to the range of fun designs you can get and their versatility of use, and this is something you can add in later/don’t necessarily have to plan into your redesign straight away – but it’s good to consider on what wall they might go. Use them for hanging pans on S-Hooks, peg in some extra shelving or add in some note space for writing shopping lists or arranging your household diary.

Can You Store Well?

Cans are notoriously difficult to identify among a small collection, so rather than having a can cupboard that is a nightmare to wade through, plan for your cans. Fitting innovative wedge shelving (these look like spice rack drawer inserts) to pull out drawers means that you can not only utilise all of the space in your cupboard but that you can easily see the cans right at the back at any time. Alternatively, you can add slanted inserts to your cupboards to store your cans horizontally so you can easily see the labels, like so:

We hope you found this article of kitchen design hacks useful, and for more handy kitchen design tips, come back again soon. For more on the kitchen design work we do, or to find out more about our kitchen remodelling, visit our kitchens page here. We would love to help you design and fit your new kitchen so please make sure to contact us today.

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