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How to soundproof a bedroom

For most people, the master bedroom is the haven at home. Often, the first room we walk into when we’re from a hard work day is the bedroom. Once in the room, you take your shoes off your feet, change clothes and turn on the TV or your favourite music to watch or listen to. This is a great way to relax as you enjoy your program or music. However, distressing noises can prevent you from properly relaxing. While the sounds that come from within your room are in your hands to control, you don’t have any control over the noises that come from outside of the room. The solution to this noise problem is soundproofing the bedroom. When you soundproof your room, your noises won’t interfere with others and those from others won’t interfere with you either. Here are ways to soundproof the bedroom:

Use soundproof rug pads instead of the standard ones

The foam and felt memory versions of rugs are a great way to use in place of the standard rugs because they give a dense layer for insulation, thereby reducing the noises that come from the neighbouring rooms and homes as well as the one that gets out of your room.

Have some wool or cotton pillows on the bed

Research has found that natural materials have the ability to absorb sounds. Therefore, materials such as wool and plant fibres can be used for the purpose of absorbing noises from the surroundings. As a result, they are often used in the construction of sustainable absorbers for sound to help prevent the pollution of sound. Hence, if pillows made from these materials are placed on the bed for comfortability from noise.

Get Blackout Liners for window curtains

Blackout liners are often made to be very thick. They serve double purposes for your room. First, they block out light and second, they muffle street noise. So, simply make use of Blackout Liners for your window curtains to block noises that come from outside your bedroom.

Re-painting Bedroom Walls

There are certain coating paints that are made to have the ability to absorb sounds that are mid-range. You begin by applying the coats for finish and base and then use your own preferred paint coat over the layers. This way, your bedroom will become substantially soundproof.

Get a Sound Machine or a Fan

At times, the solution for you is to have more white noise in the bedroom. A sound machine has the ability to moderate the noise level in a given environment. By turning it on and tuning everything else out, it will give a steady whir which will then cover up all the other noises that you don’t want to listen to.

Reduce the Noise Coming Through the Door

In case there’s a gap in your bedroom floor’s door, there are chances that noises are seeping through. To deal with this noise, use door seal, sweep or a draft stopper and install them at the bottom of the door and have it seal up the openings that may be coming through the door spaces.

Reduce Noises Through the Floor

Floors can be a source of annoying noises resulting from squeaky shrills or thudding footsteps. A great way to deal with such noises is to have a protective sheet over the floors.



With these tips, you’ll be able to help with soundproofing the bedroom and thereby make it more comfortable. For more information on Soundproofing and the installation of it, contact Barras Home Improvements today.

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