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How To Design A Small Bathroom

How To Make Use Of A Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms can be a significant challenge to design. On the other hand, there is one major benefit: You can save some cash since you will be using fewer materials. The main problem associated with having a small bathroom is that you may feel cramped, especially if it’s not well designed.

This is why you need some advice on how to remodel your bathroom to make it feel spacious and comfortable. In that regard, here are some useful tips to pay attention to when remodelling your small bathroom:

1. Use A Vanity Unit

Using a vanity is an effective way to furnish your bathroom, even where the space is low. You can mount the vanity unit off of the floor using a floating design. Mounting the vanity frees up some space beneath it that can be used to store any smaller items.

Getting a vanity with a rounded style should be a top priority. The main reason for making such a decision is to make it easier to navigate through the tight spaces without getting bruised by the sharp corners of the vanity.

Small Bathroom Design

2. Shower Curtains

Using a shower curtain is a good way to save some space. As the curtain moves back and forth as opposed to a glass door that moves in and out. As if that’s not enough, using a shower curtain is a better way to create the appearance of a bigger room when the curtain is withdrawn.

3. Use A Rounded Shower Enclosure

A round shower enclosure can be erected into the corner of a small bathroom without using too much space. If possible, you should opt for clear glass, as it “opens up the room”, making it look bigger.

4. Expand The Mirror

Having a mirror stretch across the wall can create the illusion of a bigger room. Besides, it makes it possible for two people to use the mirror at once.

5. Go With A Corner Sink

Installing a corner sink across from the toilet is a good way to make your bathroom look less cluttered. It also works much better than installing a sink across from the shower.

6. Make Use Of A Large-Scale Pattern

Taking advantage of a large-scale pattern such as a well-designed wallpaper makes the space in the bathroom appear larger. The main objective behind using a large-scale pattern is to trick the eye into seeing the “expanded space”.

Space Efficient Bathroom

7. Extend The Counter Over The Toilet

A counter that has been extended over the toilet creates some extra storage space for smaller items. Such an idea makes it possible to achieve a minimalist look without affecting the placement of the toilet.

8. Use A Trough Sink

Trough sinks are narrower, which is why they are handy in smaller rooms. Wall-mounting the sink allows you to use the extra space for foot traffic. As well as a storage area.

9. Use A Wall-Mounted Faucet

Mounting the faucet unit on a wall makes it possible to install a narrower sink or vanity. That way, you are able to free up some of the space that would have otherwise been occupied by the sink.

10. Mount The Towel Bar On The Door

When the bathroom space seems small, you can put the shower door to use, as far as keeping towels handy is concerned. Mounting a towel bar on the door is a good way to ensure that you have a towel within reach whenever you need to dry off.

Hiring Professionals For Better Results

The majority of homeowners feel like bathroom renovation projects should be DIY jobs. Well, if you are an expert in bathroom remodelling, you can go ahead and complete the project by yourself. However, it’s advisable to hire a bathroom remodelling expert for the following reasons:

  • Clean work with high-quality results
  • Quick results allowing you to get your routine back faster
  • No stress and anxiety
  • Experts know where to source the best materials
  • You can save money by avoiding costly mistakes

There You Go!

That’s just about everything you should know about remodelling your bathroom to not only make it look bigger, but also make it more comfortable and usable. You can always use professional help for better results. Before hiring a bathroom remodelling contractor, however, be sure to find out more about them to ensure that they deliver quality results.

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