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How to design a bedroom to make it calm and relaxing

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house. It’s where you go to relax so when designing the bedroom you are aiming to achieve the most calming possible area for you to relax. This is required to give you a place of solace and to help to achieve a good night’s sleep. However, coming up with the best and most suitable design for the bedroom to attain these goals is no mean task.

It requires a certain amount of vision and creativity to reach the highest standard of calmness in the room.

Here, we discuss a few of the ideas that will help you come up with a well-fitted bedroom.

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1. Keep the décor to a minimum

After a long day, it’s beneficial to have a nice long sleep. With lots of distractions and extra items in and around the bedroom, you may not feel as relaxed as you want too, no one wants to feel like they are sleeping in the ‘extra’ room in the house

2. Make use of an expressive headboard

A headboard adds a lot of interest to the bedroom. Think of how you will use your bed, some people love to sit in bed on the weekend to read a book or catch up on their favourite show, if this sounds like you then a headboard that is soft and slightly titled will suit you rather then a decorative wooden headboard. Alternatively, you may have an item that’s interesting over your head, maybe a nice painting or canvas to help invite you into your bed after a long day.

3. Let the window coverings be opaque

The best choice for bedroom windows are the blackout shades. These bring about the darkness in the room which is believed to help the body to repair itself effectively. The blackouts help in filtering out enough light and allow you to naturally wake up when the morning sunshine comes. Still, these coverings will ensure enough privacy at daytime.

4. Make use of the calming colour palette

Most people prefer warm colours for most other rooms over the cool ones. This is not the case with the bedroom. Cooler hues have a calming effect and are as such more preferable for the bedroom. To promote rest, the colours that best suit every individual include cool grey shades, lilac and blue. Therefore, choose these colours over the warm ones that may energize and keep you up during sleep time.

5. Have no tech in the bedroom

Equipment such as TVs, Exercise equipment and computers must be banished from the bedroom in order to calm it. If you don’t have a TV or laptop etc in your bedroom you will not be inclined to use them before bed which keeps you awake.
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6. The artwork should be serene

The art you use needs to be capable of inducing sleep and calming. This helps in creating an environment of relaxation. Some amount of wisdom is necessary for picking the artwork which should be placed sparsely. Lots of different artwork could be distracting.

7. Position your bed properly

Having the bed positioned in a way that it’s the first thing you see when you get into the room is a great way to invite yourself to it. On the other hand, if there is something your windows overlook and offer a great view, its fine to flip the bed to face the view. But again, ensure you have the blackout shades for when you don’t need the view.

8. Place a quiet fan on the ceiling

A fan helps in the proper circulation of air in a room. Hence, you may find it quite rewarding to include one in the design of your bedroom. As much as is not very vital to have one, installing one with minimum noise levels can be a great idea.

9. Install adjustable lighting

Lighting in the bedroom is critical. Just make the light soothing and soft on the bedside.


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