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Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Worktops

Making decisions regarding kitchen worktops is never easy owing to the fact that there are so many options out there. Basically, you’ll have to take things such as cost, aesthetics, ease of maintenance and the ability of the material to stand up to spills and scratches. These are just a few major factors to be taken into account among many more factors. If you’re looking to make a choice for your kitchen worktop, here’s everything you need to know:


1. Make an Assessment of your Budget

How much money you have to spend on purchasing a kitchen countertop is a major consideration. There are various options sold and various prices ranging from laminates which are cheaper to granites which are rather costly. Opting for cheaper ones is great but they don’t last as long as you would want them to.

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2. Take the Layout of your Kitchen into Account

The layout of your kitchen is a huge determinant of the kind of worktop that you’ll settle for. After knowing the kind of layout your kitchen house, you’ll be guided by the knowledge to pick the most suitable option.


3. Are there any Additional Costs?

Some materials will require templating which is usually done by an expert. Such materials include granite, some woods and stone composites. This means that such materials will require that you incur additional costs after making the purchase original.


4. Make Choice of your Profile

The kind of depth you choose for a kitchen worktop has the capacity to change how your kitchen looks. Profiles that are considered thinner are popular but thicker edges are also having a resurgence.


5. The Best Material for your Kitchen Worktop

There are different materials from which worktops are made. The most popular ones are composite stone, glass, wood, stainless steel, granite and laminate. Each of these has their advantages and disadvantages that you must take into account.


6. Hardwood Worktops

This worktop is traditionally a favourite of many homeowners. This is due to its ability to become stronger as it ages and provides natural warmth. The popular options for hardwood are iroko, walnut and oak.

wooden worktop

7. Composite Worktops

These are also referred to as engineered stone or quartz composite. It’s a very tough worktop, resistant to stains, scratches, impacts as well as heat damage. It’s also non-porous. Often composite worktops come with long warranties.


8. Granite Worktops

Some people find natural stone more beautiful than any other material. It allows for unique slab colouring. Marble is luxurious and classically beautiful. However, it isn’t very common and hence, often very expensive.


9. Laminate Worktops

These have been considered a great option for people with tight budgets. They’re easy to maintain, non-porous and offer many options for colour and designs. Laminate worktops are resistant to moisture, scratching and impact. They’re however not resistant to steam or heat.


10. Glass Worktops

It’s been popular among interior designers. This is because it brings a light touch to the scheme and helps in boosting light levels.


11. Stainless-Steel Worktops

Stainless-steel worktops are durable, impervious to water, heat resistant and hygienic. It’s also resistant to rust. It’s resistant to acid and heat and is waterproof.


12. Concrete Worktops

Concrete worktop has an industrial look, making it a current choice for many people. It can withstand very heavy use and has colours ranging from standard ones to stronger colours through mixing with pigments.

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