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Tips For Creating A Minimalist Kitchen Design

When looking at interior design, the minimalistic look is still pretty much on-trend, and that extends to kitchen design. This style offers benefits that will help members of the household to get around and use the kitchen space efficiently. Plus, it can be a very nice look aesthetically. The minimalist design works because it’s like they say: less is more!

Here are some tips to create a minimalist kitchen design in your home:

Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Kitchen For You

Keeping Things Tidy 

Tidying up is a time consuming and often tedious task that many would rather do without. But unfortunately, it’s a necessary one! A minimalist design can speed the process up by making it faster to find where something goes when you have finished with it.

It’s also faster to find what you need in the first place, a better organised kitchen may make cooking that bit less stressful! If you have properly gone minimalist, you should not have loads of extra utensils and appliances hanging around. Instead, everything should be on hand and there should be a lot less clutter to contend with.

How To Create A Minimalist Kitchen Design

Another benefit comes from a stylistic point of view. You increase your chances of creating something that works, reducing the odds of putting colour schemes together that end up clashing. 

First of all, think of a colour and texture scheme for your decor, appliances, and worktop area that is neutral and “clean”. You need to follow this through with any element that is introduced into the kitchen. White may be one of the most obvious choices and it is a safe bet. Essentially, you want to opt for neutral colours instead of elaborate patterns and tones. Steer clear of anything that looks too loud.

Worktops are an important part of the theme, so look for something that fits in well with your decor. A nice white or black marble worktop will fit in with a large number of designs, and you could use this as part of a monochrome look that keeps things simple with just two shades but looks attractive as well.


Don’t overlook lighting. To keep things minimalist, avoid lighting that gives off a too warm or too cold light. Find a careful balance in between. Nothing complicated, just something functional. This will create a unique style despite being subtle.

For your dream kitchen to look great, you need to pick a colour and stick with it throughout. But sometimes it can be difficult knowing where even to start. We recommend hiring a professional interior designer who will have no shortage of ideas and suggest possibilities you may not have even considered. They can present colour boards to you that will help you decide what colours and styles you like, and what will work with the minimalist look you are going for. And many of these services may also be able to install the kitchen itself, so that step is taken care of, too.

We hope you have found our kitchen design ideas helpful. For many, a minimalist kitchen is a great set-up that will enhance the kitchen area greatly. If you would like to find out more, please head over to our contact page or give us a call on 024 7665 1900.

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