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Coloured Grouting | Tiling Trends 2021

Keeping your home looking new and on-trend is a great way to refresh your interior design. A fresh environment helps you to stay in a positive mindset and impresses your guests, so you will always be eager to entertain. 

Some of the most frequently visited areas in your home when you welcome guests are the kitchen and the bathroom. A fresh look with brand new tiles and coloured grout will make all the difference.

2021 Tile Designs

Tiles are no longer restricted to plain white squares. Getting creative with your kitchen design or bathroom design can mean using tiles that are of different shapes, colours, and materials.

In 2021, home improvements took an industrial turn. It’s all about bold colours and dark kitchen tiles alongside copper or gold appliances and finishings. Bathroom tiles, on the other hand, have taken a clean 1970’s relaunch. Using unique angles and honeycomb tile shapes to give a fresh finish with a difference.

However, to make your new bathroom tiles or kitchen design really pack a punch, 2021 is the year for coloured grouting. Getting rid of the old, white grout and replacing it with something a little different will help your wall tiles transform your interior design.

Coloured Grouting Benefits

Grout comes in multiple colours. You can get greys, golds, coppers, and even black grout. Choosing a colour that’s unique and complements your tiles will brighten up your bathroom or kitchen, even with just this small change alone.


Coloured grout really makes a statement and it ensures that your home really stands out from the rest. Your guests will be impressed with your creative flare.

Room Size

If you have a small kitchen or tiny bathroom, there’s not a great deal of space for elaborate design. However, if the tiles are already on the walls, putting in coloured grout can give the room a whole new look – and even make the room look a little bigger, without taking up any more space.


White grout serves a purpose, but it’s a nightmare to clean, and once it’s got that tiny bit of mould or mildew on, it’s stained forever and you’re going to have to re-grout. However, coloured grout is often much darker. It’s just as easy to clean as white grout, but it will likely look fresh and new for much longer.

What’s In For 2021?

  • Copper – A copper grout works well in a kitchen with metal appliances and dark wooden chair legs and worktop. You could add copper to black or grey tiles with a dark green or blue colour pop for a vibrant look.
  • Gold – Gold grout works perfectly with plain white tiles in a bathroom or kitchen to add an element of luxury while keeping the simplicity and illusion of space.
  • Black – Black grout and white tiles are the perfect match to add a clean, simple style to any bathroom.

  • Grey – Grey grout can be used alongside stone effect tiles to add a shabby chic appearance that’s perfect for a rustic design.
  • Fading – Try a black grout at the bottom of the wall, fading out to grey grout as you move up. It creates an illusion that your room is larger than it actually is and works perfectly with tiles that are diamond or honeycomb shapes.

Hiring A Professional

It’s always a good idea to hire a professional for any type of home improvement so you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for. Professional kitchen designers or bathroom designers will be able to look at your space and suggest valuable design ideas that will maximise your space and show off your home for a budget that you can afford.

If coloured grout is an idea that grabs you, speak to a professional designer to incorporate the unique grout and innovative tile designs into your bathroom or kitchen. This helps you to know exactly what you want your room to look like before you make the change. To find out more about how we can transform your interior design, get in touch on 024 7665 1900 or our contact page for more details.

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