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Choosing Your Bathroom Colour Scheme

If you are looking to have your bathroom updated, but are not sure about the colour scheme, we will be going through some of the most popular choices for many people. 

All White

One of the most widely used colours is white for many reasons, so why not have your bathroom decorated all white. White is known for making a room look larger due to its simplicity and clean look. Using white as the main colour also allows other accessories and items to stand out more. For example, you could have a feature wall or items such as a storage basket stand out. 

Despite the many benefits that an all-white colour scheme can bring to your bathroom, it also makes any imperfections (which may accumulate over time) more noticeable. 

Neutral Colours

If you feel that all white is too simple or plain for you, then you could look at different neutral colours and potentially pair them. For example, grey walls with white tiling. Neutral colours also work whether you are going for a classic or modern look. These types of colours also do not date and are suitable for everyone, making it a great choice if you have a shared bathroom in your house. 

You could also decorate your bathroom depending on the season by using certain colours. For instance, If you wanted to create more of a warm feeling, you could go for a beige, grey or brown. 

Bold Colours

Luxury Bathtub and Black Tiles

Despite being highly versatile, many people like to go for more standout colours. Although they are not as safe as neutral colours, if done right, it can look great and offer a more unique look to your bathroom. For example, you could go for darker tones such as dark blue or black to add a luxurious feel. And if you’re feeling even braver, you could also look at implementing brighter colours such as red and yellow into the accessories throughout the bathroom. 

Although it can offer a very unique and personal touch, a bolder colour may not be suitable all year round and would be more difficult to get right. So, that is why you should definitely consider hiring a professional to create a great and long-lasting look. 


One of the features of the bathroom which may be overlooked when redecorating the bathroom is the taps, shower head and hose etc. These metallic pieces can be updated to serve as a bolder feature for the bathroom. For instance, if you go for more of a darker toned bathroom, you could go for a classic silver colour, or potentially a bolder gold-like colour. These pieces can then be matched with other items like the mirror’s framing and cabinet handles etc. 

Thank you for reading this blog post. If you are thinking about updating your bathroom, Barras Home Improvements is on hand to advise you on what would be best for your bathroom, and implement a professional-looking design. If you have any questions or wish to contact us, visit our contact page or call us today on 024 7665 1900. 

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