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Advantages Of Having A Walk-In Shower

If you are considering your options when it comes to having a new shower installed in your home, it is definitely worth thinking about a walk-in shower. We will be exploring some of the main benefits which will hopefully help you to make an informed decision about the type of shower you ultimately select.

Why Should I Install A Walk-In Shower To My Home?

The Design

A walk-in shower can make for a much more spacious experience thanks to their design and, especially if you go down the bespoke route, it can be a very durable option, an important point, as you’ll want your shower to last as long as possible. 

Unlike a traditional bathtub with a shower on top, you have increased open space, something that can be enhanced even further with the addition of shower side panels made from glass.

Another good thing about this design style is it can cover those who are looking for a minimalistic characteristic very well. If accessibility is a consideration, you will find a walk-in shower to be a very viable option. Ensure that any bathroom fitters build the shower unit so that it is fully accessible to your requirements.

walk in shower

Easier to Clean

Bathroom cleaning is essential, but it does not have to be such a long and complicated process! With a walk-in shower, you will likely find that you save time with the cleaning process. This is because they lack the added elements of a stand-alone or bathtub shower, giving you fewer areas that need to be cleaned. To compare, you will only have the glass screen, shower tray, and head to clean with a typical walk-in shower. 

Less Clogging

Everyone hates a shower clog. When you are draining out a bathtub from using the shower, it can take its time. The reason for this is because bathtubs have crevices that can keep water from being able to flow smoothly down the drain. Walk-in showers, on the other hand, are less likely to clog due to the drainage system which typically allows the water to flow smoothly. This is great, because not only are clog’s annoying to deal with, but they can also cause the standing area to collect bacteria. 

Right, so the above details the main benefits of a walk-in shower. But what is the next step you should follow to getting one installed? 

You need to find a respectable company that sells a variety of them, or a company which can create one bespoke for you. You then need to see if they are priced within your budget. Remember to take into account things like the bathroom fitting. Make sure that whatever shower model you opt for ticks all of the right boxes, as this will be an expensive and long term purchase that you will want to get right.

You may end up deciding that going down the bespoke route will suit you the best. Remember, the cost will likely end up a little more expensive this way, but you will be paying for something that hopefully reaches your design specifications perfectly. 

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