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New Year, New Kitchen Worktop!

What Kitchen Worktop Should I Opt For?


The natural marble pattern is attractive and it gives you options for either a darker or lighter worktop. You can have white worktops with a dark marble pattern but you can also have a black worktop with a white marble effect. Marble kitchen worktops are also very hard-wearing.

Glitter Gloss

When it comes to laminate worktops, a choice adds a nice little sparkle thanks to its glittery finish. Glitter gloss looks really beautiful and is available in a range of background tones with the glitter subtle enough to look stylish rather than over bling. Sure to make a kitchen that bit more special.

Wooden Worktop

Wooden kitchen worktops will remain a popular and versatile choice in 2020. The brilliant thing about wooden worktops is that they work in so many different kitchen setups and colour designs. There is an ever-increasing range of wooden options to choose from and if you do not want to go with real wood you also have some ‘wood style’ laminate options as well.

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Steel Granite

As well as being a very hard-wearing choice for kitchen worktops, Steel Granite also looks clean, fresh and will suit plenty of different homes. But this year, instead of pairing steel granite worktops with matching steel granite areas, it is being used to contrast with coloured options, creating inspired choices.

Ice Mirror

White may still be popular, but that does not mean it has to be plain white. Ice mirror is a great choice, with its white background and small mirror flecks, offering a hint of luxury.

Aluminium Stardust

This is another granite option, but rather than just being a regular styled granite worktop offering you have a grey background speck of darker ‘stardust’. If you are looking to have a bit more of a darker option in your kitchen this is a great choice.

Black Starlight 

There are some lovely ‘midnight’ tones around when it comes to modern worktop styles. Quite a few retailers are offering a quartz worktop in a very dark tone with silver specks for a ‘night-time effect’. It looks lovely and quartz is a good choice as it is very durable.


Glass is a great choice for those in 2020 seeking a minimalist, clean option. It needs cleaning a lot more often and you have to be extra careful with the heat on its surface, but look after it and you are rewarded with a fresh, attractive worktop for 2020!

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