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7 Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Small kitchens… they’re cute. But they can be very tight on space. Everyone knows the struggle of having too many things but not enough space to fit it all and we are here to help. A well-organised kitchen cabinet can ensure that your kitchen space accommodates more items. Today, we’ll be sharing with you 7 storage ideas for your small kitchen. 


The Best Small Kitchen Storage Ideas.

Above the Cabinets 

Your cabinets are great storage spaces but have you ever thought of using the space above? No? Well, it makes a great spot for all those old containers, special serving platters, or anything else you may think of. Whilst this method may make your kitchen look cluttered, using some boxes or baskets will keep you organised and your bits and bobs out of sight.


Pegboards are a great way to keep those kitchen musts neat and tidy. By putting up a few pegboards on your kitchen walls you can hang things like cooking utensils, pots and pans, and aprons… or anything else you can think of! Pegboards are a flexible and efficient source of storage. Plus, the pegs can be moved easily to create space for new items.

Foldable Furniture

Foldable furniture is a great way to save space around the home. Not enough room for a kitchen table? No worries, by having a foldable table you can pop it up when needed and then pop it away again without any fuss. This is the same for other items like chairs, kitchen work stations, step stalls, and much more.

Full Fitted Kitchen

Storage Under the Island 

Do you have a kitchen island? Yes? Well, why not try adding a few storage units underneath the countertop. This provides easy storage which is both out of the way and looks like it was originally part of the furniture. 

Use the Upper Fridge Space

If you have a fitted fridge within your cabinets, then you may have space above the fridge. This space normally goes unused and unnoticed, however, it is great for storage! Use the extra space for that annoyingly large frying pan or anything that you’d like out of sight but still easily reached.

If you’re running out of room on your worktop then this space could be great for kitchen appliances.

Window Sills 

Your kitchen window sills are great storage, by using small storage bins and baskets you can store various things without worrying if they’ll get lost. By the kitchen window is also a great place to grow herbs. They add brightness to your kitchen while being on hand ready to cook with.

The Back of the Door

The back of your kitchen door is a great place to hang and store necessary kitchen items. Simple over door hooks can provide you vital extra space to store your aprons, oven gloves, recycling bin, or anything you can think of!

If you’re looking for a new kitchen or extra storage, we are here to help. To find out more, get in touch on 024766 51900 or pop us an email at enquiries@barras.co.uk.

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