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4 Ways To Get That Luxury Kitchen Feel

Create That Luxury Kitchen Feel At Home

A kitchen is the heart of the home. Therefore, when we look at luxury kitchens, they are both a pleasure and an investment if you were looking at selling your house in future years. If money was no object what would your ideal kitchen look like? Would you opt for the airy and light open-plan space or invest in a beautiful island and breakfast bar. From bespoke cabinets to velvet seating, copper accents to mirrored splashbacks, these are some of the finest ideas out there as functional and stunning so feast your eyes on our blog and start planning the ultimate luxury kitchen. Here are four ways to ensure that your new kitchen has that luxury feel.

Marble worktops

Marble is often the top choice for many people when it comes to a luxurious kitchen, but why? This is because it looks incredibly elegant and more so a valuable piece of stone to have in a hot steamy kitchen due to them always being cool to the touch.

Lighting options

Lighting is an easier and very low-cost option compared to some other items in the kitchen. Inject the feeling of luxury into your kitchen with some under cabinet lighting, this is very handy when preparing food as it gives that little bit of extra light. If the lighting is a tone of white instead of a yellow undertone, it will make the kitchen appear brighter, white-toned lighting has a more open and fresh appeal. If you don’t like the idea of under cabinet lighting a kitchen can be a great place to show off that beautiful pendant lighting, use this opportunity to go bold making your light the feature of the room.

A touch of metal

If you’re copper obsessed, then you will love this one! Copper is sweeping the nation at the moment, you can’t get more stylish than metallics in a kitchen. You could opt for cupboard handles with a metallic appearance, fashionable metallic counters or just choose out some statement metallic fixtures. Another effective way in which you can add that touch of metal in your kitchen is a metallic splashback, whilst looking stylish and beautiful, they also protect your walls from food splashes. If you don’t fancy having the full-on copper splashback, then you could go for copper tinted glass, this also looks elegant in a kitchen.

Details that make the difference

In particular, the tiles, taps and handles can uplift a kitchen within minutes. No need to splash the cash, often the pre-loved bargains are great! They are unique and will add a stylish aspect into the kitchen, taps can make a huge difference to a kitchen as they can make a bold statement.

We hope that you enjoyed reading our blog, hopefully it gave you some inspiration on how to make your kitchen luxurious. If you would like some more help get in touch with us today.

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