Amtico creates flooring designs for all areas of the home and office, defining and enhancing every kind of space, lifestyle and aesthetic. The constantly refreshed collection of neutral and expressive woods, cool stones and inspiring abstracts ensures floors to match every space and taste. From classic settings to a cool contemporary look, Amtico finishes provide luxury and durability. Amtico has stunning products that will transform your hallway into a genuine style statement by combining texture, colour and pattern for a uniquely rich flooring finish thats also tough enough for the busiest households. In the kitchen our flooring offers inspirations across the entire style spectrum from classic chic to modern trends. And, because the kitchen is a hard-working space, all our products are hard-wearing. Other spaces, like the living room and dining areas, are where you entertain, impress, enjoy, and relax. To meet these different demands, the versatility of our beautiful flooring let you to choose any arrangemet, use them individually or mix them for a unique look. Bedrooms can be a haven, a playroom or a style statement, so Amtico flooring designs are capable of creating a warm and intimate space, or adding an exciting twist on a contemporary trend. Vivid hues to classic elegance will give you the effect youre looking for. When it comes to the bathroom, take the plunge with a strong, striking finish, or embrace the vintage look. With excellent water-resistant qualities, Amticos flooring blends style with durable performance.
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